Apprehension to Revelation

‘I don’t know if this would be possible.’ ‘I don’t think this would be effective, let alone work.’ ‘I just don’t feel like doing this.’ Not so long ago, these were my constant mantra.

On a short notice, my hubby and I were invited to facilitate a couples’retreat. This has caused me huge apprehension. No, don’t get me wrong. I always look forward on facilitating such retreat because it allows me to share some of my learnings and also, perhaps motivate others. I especially like meeting new acquaintances and of course, the perks of traveling.

So what causes my apprehension? Time element. Most of the time, I would prefer a month notice when we get invitation to speak or facilitate in a retreat. However, the recent invitation we got left us with less than 2 weeks to prepare. I initially declined since there were already 2 events that both my hubby and I needed to facilitate. Still, my friend who invited us implored that we need push through because there are a number of couples who have signified and that the retreat is really needed. With my hubby’s insistence and assurance that we would somehow manage it, I finally said ‘yes’. Apprehensively said, ‘yes’.

True enough as we prayed and seek God’s wisdom, we were able to organize our schedule, brainstorm and prepare for the retreat. But hold on this is just the tip of the iceberg because what we did not expect, was God’s revelation.

As we facilitated the retreat, we were hoping that some or most of the couples would be receptive to the learning.

Did we get what we hope for? Nope. We got more than what we hope for. The couples were not just receptive, we also felt their warmth and their enthusiasm. But what overwhelmed me the most, was when some of the wives approached and thanked me, saying ‘what we shared has inspired them to seek God and to hold on to their marriages.

Indeed I went to the retreat with great apprehension, thinking that with short notice and preparation, the result would be so-so. Nevertheless, God has turned that apprehension into revelation.

While I was full of apprehension with the time element, God revealed His perfect time. When I was in doubt of the outcome, God revealed that He is in total control of everything. And when I thought of inspiring others as I shared our testimony, I went home inspired and motivated all the more to carry on God’s ministry.




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