Pause and Ponder

Ever since my hubby and I experienced that unthinkable vehicular accident, I still cannot figure out how we came out scathe-free (with no airbags) from that totally damaged vehicle.  That incident taught me to pause, ponder and ask God to speak to me.   Only a miracle could make that possible. And God alone can make such miracle.

Today when things don’t turn out the way I expect, I pause and ponder before I react. I allow the “still small voice” of God to speak and direct me.

Just recently on our way to Ormoc City (Philippines), my hubby and I missed our boat ride and the next trip would be 2 hours later. Normally one or both of us would be pissed off (who wouldn’t be, right?). Yet, as I paused and pondered God whispered and said, ‘take a short break and date your hubby’. Bright idea! As I assured my hubby that it’s okay and that we just need to take advantage of the time, he somehow calmed down and he even thought of using the time to review and brainstorm on the topic which we will be handling on the couples’ retreat.

Through that accident, God has impressed in me a spirit of optimism.  He instilled in me that when bad things happen or when things don’t turn out the way we want, He is still in control.  And for as long as God is in control, we can hope of better things to come.

In our life journey, it matters less when we get toss and turn. What matters most when we are toss and turn, is how we pause and ponder so that we could listen to His ‘still small voice’, awaiting to assure and direct us.





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