“Me” Time, But Not Alone

Every now then, I look forward in spending sometime alone. Whether I go “malling” by myself or simply chillin’ at a coffee shop all by myself. I call it my “me” time. Yes, I’m thankful that my hubby allows me to have this time. Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course, being with and spending time with my hubby and my unica hija is what I look forward on a daily basis.
Others may not be comfortable with this idea but there’s so many things, one can do in having a “me” time.
First, having a “me” time whether you’re at home or somewhere else permits you to reflect on how life has been treating you. Instinctively, it gives you an image or a blueprint on what to do or how to deal with life’s challenges. Secondly, having a “me” time gets you to spend a quiet moment with God. When you allow Him to invade your solitude, you’d be amazed how He speaks to your heart profoundly. Voila, you would have brighter outlook in life and a better blueprint for life’s challenges.



Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Ever wonder how God loves you?  A visit on Psalm 139 will give you a profound description of His love and full knowledge of you.

I personally love Psalm 139:14, ‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.’  I would claim this verse when I am in need of God’s reassurance .

Funny though, there was a time when this verse doesn’t speak to me.  I felt that I am too flawed and full of imperfections to claim His word.

But in His wonder and glory, God has a way of letting me see the truth in Psalm 139:14.

More than 5 years ago, I underwent a total thyroidectomy.  The surgeon recommended not partial but to remove both of my thyroid glands since they were filled with multiple nodules.  After the smooth though tedious procedure, the surgeon commented that my case was amazing because he did not expect too many nodules (more than what was seen on the ultrasound) and there was not a visible bump on my neck.

Then 3 years ago, 2 lumps were found on my left breast.  Initial breast ultrasound did not determine if the lumps are benign or otherwise.  So I underwent a breast mammogram.  The procedure went well though what didn’t prepare me was the pain of having your chest pressed.  It’s like a 3-kilo weight pressed down on your breast. After the procedure, comes the agony of waiting for the result which would be released 2 to 3 days after.

I spent the next 2 days, contemplating on the what ifs.  Afterall, cancer runs in our genes. I even bargained with God asking Him to get rid of those lumps.  Upon learning of the situation, together with my hubby, our church pastor prayed not just for healing but for revelation of God’s purpose.

That night when we got home,  I was at peace.  Moreover, God spoke to me assuringly on Psalm 139:14.

‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.’ God impressed in me that He fearfully created me to withstand such health conditions.

I maybe ‘thyroid glands less’ yet my metabolism functions just like anyone with thyroid glands.

Yes, I still have on my left breast 2 lumps which are benign.  And they are my constant reminder to trust that God is protecting my body from these lumps.  After all my God is bigger any lump.

‘I am wonderfully made.’  I still have a teeny weeny scar on my neck from the thyroidectomy procedure.  But it does not bother me at all. Instead it is my testimony of how God has and always been gracious to me.  It’s like a pendant given by God.



Ouch! that hurts

Just recently I had a not so wonderful conversation.  In fact I would not even call it a conversation at all.  It was more like a dog barking up the wrong tree.  It was a call gone wrong.  Without pleasantries, the caller just ranted on top of her voice and ended her speech with something like, ‘now, don’t you think that’s stupidity?’  At that moment, how I wish I could equally answer her with the same level of ranting.

Yet God must have seen my misty eyes and took it as a silent prayer, for He pacified my heart and calm my spirit.  I was able to answer in a steady and calm voice.

Yes, I was hurt by how the  caller ranted and did not even consider to clarify an issue before barking up.  Yes, at that moment I felt I was unfairly treated.

But it was also at that moment when my eyes mystied with tears and God automatically comforted me, letting me feel of His presence.


Unknowingly Strong

One of my best coffee experiences is when having coffee with my hubby and my unica hija.  Lately that has been our fave family bonding.  While both my hubby and I delight in a cup of hot dry cappucino, our daughter prefers an iced cappuccino.

Just recently we tried a newly opened coffee shoppe.  We had our usual orders. Indeed what a wonderful conversation we had.  Too good that we didn’t mind if the coffee wasn’t that good.  Driving back home I even commented that I found the coffee too mild, which my hubby and daughter agreed.

Boy oh boy, we had a surprise of a lifetime.  What we thought to be mild turn out to be quite strong since all three of us hardly got a shut-eye.

This reminds me so much about God.  At times we may feel that He is not there, He seems distant or He simply looks at us lightly.

On the contrary, God loves us and strongly cares for us.  Did you know that every hair in our head is accounted by Him? And that He values us more than any of His creation?

That’s it, whether we accept it or not God strongly cares for us. Even if we deny it God in His perfect time and way, will reveal to us how much He loves us.