Unknowingly Strong

One of my best coffee experiences is when having coffee with my hubby and my unica hija.  Lately that has been our fave family bonding.  While both my hubby and I delight in a cup of hot dry cappucino, our daughter prefers an iced cappuccino.

Just recently we tried a newly opened coffee shoppe.  We had our usual orders. Indeed what a wonderful conversation we had.  Too good that we didn’t mind if the coffee wasn’t that good.  Driving back home I even commented that I found the coffee too mild, which my hubby and daughter agreed.

Boy oh boy, we had a surprise of a lifetime.  What we thought to be mild turn out to be quite strong since all three of us hardly got a shut-eye.

This reminds me so much about God.  At times we may feel that He is not there, He seems distant or He simply looks at us lightly.

On the contrary, God loves us and strongly cares for us.  Did you know that every hair in our head is accounted by Him? And that He values us more than any of His creation?

That’s it, whether we accept it or not God strongly cares for us. Even if we deny it God in His perfect time and way, will reveal to us how much He loves us.


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