Ouch! that hurts

Just recently I had a not so wonderful conversation.  In fact I would not even call it a conversation at all.  It was more like a dog barking up the wrong tree.  It was a call gone wrong.  Without pleasantries, the caller just ranted on top of her voice and ended her speech with something like, ‘now, don’t you think that’s stupidity?’  At that moment, how I wish I could equally answer her with the same level of ranting.

Yet God must have seen my misty eyes and took it as a silent prayer, for He pacified my heart and calm my spirit.  I was able to answer in a steady and calm voice.

Yes, I was hurt by how the  caller ranted and did not even consider to clarify an issue before barking up.  Yes, at that moment I felt I was unfairly treated.

But it was also at that moment when my eyes mystied with tears and God automatically comforted me, letting me feel of His presence.


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