“Me” Time, But Not Alone

Every now then, I look forward in spending sometime alone. Whether I go “malling” by myself or simply chillin’ at a coffee shop all by myself. I call it my “me” time. Yes, I’m thankful that my hubby allows me to have this time. Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course, being with and spending time with my hubby and my unica hija is what I look forward on a daily basis.
Others may not be comfortable with this idea but there’s so many things, one can do in having a “me” time.
First, having a “me” time whether you’re at home or somewhere else permits you to reflect on how life has been treating you. Instinctively, it gives you an image or a blueprint on what to do or how to deal with life’s challenges. Secondly, having a “me” time gets you to spend a quiet moment with God. When you allow Him to invade your solitude, you’d be amazed how He speaks to your heart profoundly. Voila, you would have brighter outlook in life and a better blueprint for life’s challenges.



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