Wishy Washy, Rub-a-dubdub

Giving bath to our four pooches is something I don't look forward. Yet it is something I take pleasure in. All four are a heapful to handle. Giving them a bath would mean you also get wet while they get wild as they wiggle to their hearts' desire. Among the four, usually the most soiled … Continue reading Wishy Washy, Rub-a-dubdub


The Beauty of Goodbyes

Lately, I come vis-a-vis with goodbyes. Although some goodbyes were expected, others were sudden and some quite unexpected. Before I saw the end of 2015, I bade goodbye to a wonderful couple who has blessed me with their kindness and selfless devotion to the ministry. The couple has migrated to the US. Although it was … Continue reading The Beauty of Goodbyes