Beyond Skin Deep


There were times when I got mixed emotions when reading a magazine, especially when I scan fashion magazines. Excitement builds up as I turn page upon page of the newest trends in clothing – all those maxi dresses and even the classic LBDs or little black dresses. The same excitement allows me to create my very own ‘make believes’, like believing to be as regal as Nicole Kidman or a beauty as timeless as Audrey Hepburn.

Yes that excitement makes me giddy and makes me feel good but would soon be replaced with dismay or at times frustration. Dismayed to realize that no matter how stunning a dress maybe, I could never look half as great a Nicole Kidman. Or the frustration to know that I could never have the beauty as timeless as Audrey Hepburn.

The world has made us believe that we should look good all the time to be acceptable. That being beautiful means you have to be towering with a 36-24-36 figure, silky smooth skin and a flowing hair. In short, you have to be flawless.

Like me, you probably have ‘if only’ episodes . ‘If only I’m taller’, ‘if only I’m slimmer’, or the classic ‘if only I could be as irresistible as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman’. And the list could go on.

Those were moments I got miserable when ‘if only’ syndrome gets into me.

Not until I came across an FB post shared by a friend. It was a post from a cancer victor (with no hair and flat chest from mastectomy) who shared her joy despite what she has lost. I was in awe and totally humbled.

Here I was, consumed with my ‘if only’ episodes feeling miserable and wishfully thinking I could look better. Yet here’s this cancer victor who did not mind how a lot has changed in her or better yet how some things were taken from her. But still she managed to be thankful of everything. Mainly, she was thankful of how God has made wonders in her life and how God allowed her to endure the pain as well as the grace to accept everything.

I may never be as regal as Nicole Kidman or have a beauty as timeless as Audrey Hepburn, but in God’s sight I am more precious than any jewel. In His sight, I am special and He can make wonders in my life.




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