Wishy Washy, Rub-a-dubdub

Giving bath to our four pooches is something I don’t look forward. Yet it is something I take pleasure in.

All four are a heapful to handle. Giving them a bath would mean you also get wet while they get wild as they wiggle to their hearts’ desire.

Among the four, usually the most soiled (and happens to be fave) is Spot. Oh, how he loves to play and roll on a pile of dirt. One day he’s spic and span. In three days or less, you can literally spot the number of (grimy) spots of Spot.

Nonetheless, he is my fave pooch (he’s like a junior of my hubby – big round eyes, meek and an easy to love personality) and I take pleasure in giving him a “wishy washy and rub-a-dubdub” bath. It takes me a good 30 minutes, at times even 45 minutes to thoroughly clean him. Yet, it gives me so much joy to see Spot spic and span – spotless.spot.jpg

Much like with our Lord Jesus, we can be filled with so much filth from our sins. Nonetheless, He takes pleasure in cleansing us from our sinfulness. He looks forward in giving us a “wishy washy and rub-a-dubdub”, when we ask Him and surrender to Him our filthiness.

And in the end, it gives joy to our Lord when He sees us cleansed, changed and spotless because that is how much our Lord loves us.



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