Selected Not Elected

Today May 9, 2016 most of us have practiced or will practice our right to suffrage.  Some or most of us have carefully studied or even scrutinized every candidate before deliberating whom to vote. And most probably some of us at one time found ourselves debating over different opinions. Bottomline is, we get to choose and vote whom we believe is the best candidate for the position.

On another note, there is also a leader who holds a vital position. This leader needs to have a “PhD” in organizing from simple to intricate things. This leader needs a “Masters degree” in management. And on the side, this leader needs a “minor or major” in negotiation. But unlike the president, this leader cannot be voted neither be elected. However this leader is specially hand-picked and selected. This leader is far from being perfect. Yet the Maker is constantly molding, to make this leader effective in her position. And all the more she works better when a prayer is uttered in her favor.

This leader takes charge and manages the household. This leader sees to it that any event, affair or occasion is well-organized and not overlooked. Overtime, this leader has mastered the art of multi-tasking from being a property custodian (knows where anything or everything is placed) to being a personal assistant (checks on bills to pay and arranges schedule of the day). This leader is capable from micro-managing to macro-managing, like seeing things before they happen.  Still, this leader has a flexible heart. She knows when to be stern and when to go soft.

Yet surprisingly, this leader does not expect any recognition for a simple reason – she gives her time and works from the heart.

Oftenly called Mama, Mommy, Nanay or Mamay, mothers are created by God to lead the ins and outs of the household complementing the fathers who heads the family.


Ever wonder how mothers work effectively from the heart? “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength?” (Phil 4:13)

Blessings to all moms!




The Best Things in Life are Free

Saturdays have always been one of my (and my hubby’s) busiest days. We’re usually occupied with various church activities. And last Saturday was not an exception.In fact our day started as early as 5am since we were invited to attend a blessing of a fowl farm some 70 kms. Together with my hubby, we were joined by two other church mates. The event went well. However the travel, to and from, had worn us out. So when we reached the city, my hubby invited our friends for a coffee and a short break at a customer lounge in one of the malls.

It was a coffee break at its best. A nerve-soothing aroma of cappuccino, cozy ambience and bosanova music that filled the air, what more can one ask for?

One of our churchmates, expressed her delight over the cappuccino. As she was about to finish her cup, she took her wallet and with a smile she whispered to me, ‘this is my treat.’ As I assured her, ‘No worries Ate, the cappuccino is free.’ At first she did not accept my explanation and insisted on paying. She’s probably not aware, so I explained to her that we’re a Prestige card holder and one of the perks is being able to stay at the customer lounge and have coffee for free.

It took her awhile but in the end she accepted it with awe, ‘Wow, that’s so amazing. You mean when you have this card, you can come to this customer lounge and have a drink of your choice for free. What a perk!’ ‘Yup’, I told her and explained further, ‘it’s free and you get to enjoy various freebies and perks. The card is an upgrade from the basic loyalty card when you reach certain number of points.’

Much like the saving grace of God. No matter how God assures us that He offers salvation for free, most, especially when filled with so much guilt, find it hard to believe or unbelievable that we can be saved for free. Romans 10:13 affirms that, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” This means everyone, regardless of color, race, status or gender, is offered salvation by the Lord.Romans10_13_6x4.jpg

Being saved by the grace of God allows us to enjoy a number of perks. To name a few, we are united to Christ, adopted to God’s family, reconciled to God, no long under wrath, assured a place in Heaven and a lot more perks.

All these and more can be ours when we accept that ‘we have sinned and fall short of God’s glory.’ (Romans 3:23) Then acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Savior, just as God assures, ‘I have loved the world so much that I have given my Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ (John 3:16)

So when in doubt, remember Romans 10:13, humbly accept Romans 3:23 and claim in your heart John 3:16.