Wet Paint. Do not Touch.

“Wet Paint. Do not touch.”  But you do it anyway.  “Caution. Hot Surface.  Do not Touch.”  Still, you touch it anyway.  “Closed. Please use other door.”  Just the same, you push and try if the door is open.

I’m pretty sure at one point most of us did one or three of those things I’ve mentioned.  And I’m most certain when we discovered that the warning signs are true, there could only be two thoughts in our mind.  It’s either, ‘waaah, what was I thinking?’  Or the classic, ‘I thought so too.’

They may all sound funny and we may simply say, ‘we did it out of curiosity.’   Yet on another note, as we tread through life we are often confronted with challenges.  Such challenges require us to make sound choices.  Or a situation may call for us to make a stand.  Whether to make a choice or make a stand, the bottom line is we need to have a good judgement.  We need a discernment that cannot simply be acquired  through academic learning.
When asked by God, King Solomon did not ask for more riches. He neither asked for more possessions. Nor did he ask for honor or glory. Instead in his prayer King Solomon said to God, “The loyal love You showed my father, David, was immeasurable, and You, O Eternal God, have fulfilled Your promise to my father and made me the king of innumerable people in his place. Now that I am their ruler, give me wisdom and knowledge to lead this great people. Without such wisdom, who can govern such a great people? (2 Chronicles 1:8-10)
And assuredly God replied to Solomon, “You did not ask for selfish personal gain: riches, wealth, honor, the deaths of your enemies, or a long life. Instead, you asked for godly wisdom and knowledge to rule My people, over whom I have made you king. Because you thought of the welfare of My people, I have granted you this exceptional wisdom and knowledge. In addition, I will give you riches and wealth and honor greater than any king ever has possessed or ever will possess. (2 Chronicles 1:11-12)
Our loving and gracious God, who is all-knowing, sees the intent of our heart.  And just like King Solomon, if our intention is good and gives glory to God;  He will provide us wisdom to guide us in making good choices and discernment to make a just stand.  And just like King Solomon, if we put others before us; our God who is all-powerful shall bless us according to His riches in heaven.

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