Fateful Day. Faithful GOD.

‚ÄčIt’s been a year and a week since that fateful day happened. 

In a blink of an eye. In a snap of a finger. Yes, anything can happen. A well planned event can turn into a mess. A sweet day into bitter.  A smooth ride into an unforeseen circumstance.

On a fair day at about 4pm, my hubby and I were driving back home.  Since it was one of those easy-breezy Thursday afternoon, Dave took extra time and was driving in a minimal speed (quite unusual, for him who is so used to fast pace).  We  were driving along a clear road for literally there was no other vehicle other than ours.  Then out of nowhere, I felt our vehicle was dragged to the right. Next thing I knew was a huge and thick metal hit the left side of our windshield.  That heavy metal was the tail-end of a 14-wheeler trailer truck. Right before my eyes, I saw the glass gradually cracked. I immediately looked at Dave and his respond was, ‘Baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it.’  I whispered a short prayer, ‘thank God, we’re fine.’ And I assured him, ‘Accident can happen anytime.’

It wasn’t until we got out of the car that I realized the extend of the damage and the worst part, one or both of us could have lost our lives.  Yet, through it all God has amazingly kept us safe in the palm of His hands.  We came out unscathed.  God even assured and comforted us through our churchmates Clifford and Yolly who responded immediately (help came in 30 minutes or less).  God showed His care for us as friends called instantaneously and asked if we’re fine. God even sent an unnamed angel disguised as a passerby who stood outside our vehicle, assured our safety and did not leave until the rescue unit as well as the traffic enforcer arrived.

In a blink of an eye I could have lost my partner.  Or in a snap of a finger, our daughter could have been an orphan.  Yet, God kept us safe in the palm of His hands and chose to save us. AMEN.



Joyfully Pushing It

Some people have it. And some people just don’t have it. Some would call it a talent or a knack for it. But I would rather call it a gift. And I happen to be one of those who doesn’t have it – a green thumb.

Growing up as a city girl, the close encounters I had with plants were those times when my mom would ask me to water them. Back then, for me it was just a task to be done. It was not something I look forward nor was it something I dreaded doing. In fact, I had my high moments with them during summertime when it’s so humid. As I water the plants, I would also drench my feet and arms, voila instant remedy for hot weather.

I used to have a love-hate relationship with plants. I love staring at plants – the greens are so refreshing and when they flower, they’re a sight to see. What I hated then was planting because I didn’t like getting my hands intimate with soil. The mere thought of it gave me goose bumps. I didn’t like the feel of soil on my hands. And definitely, I don’t like getting my hands dirty.

But those are things in the past. I mean a not so long ago past because just recently (I guess three months ago), I had a 180 degrees turn around where plants are concerned. Thanks heaps to our Church Pastors who made me see the life and true beauty of plants.

Before this new set of pastors came, our church office didn’t have plants and I didn’t mind at all. I didn’t think it would make a difference. However when the pastors took over the office, they made some minor changes but the transformation was astounding. They placed pots of Sansevieria inside the office. I could see and feel that the office began to breathe life. Suddenly the ambience is welcoming. And so that was the start of my conversion from a passive to a passionate plant lover.

I started repotting dwarf Sansevieria on some coffee mugs, just to get the feel of it. As my mugs of Sansevieria thrive, I began to have this craving of becoming a green thumb. I would scout for fotos in Pinterest of cacti and succulents. Before I knew it, I was already buying loads of them.

I am not yet there but I’m joyfully pushing it – becoming a green thumb. And I must say that finding pleasure in plants is truly therapeutic. When you selflessly give time in caring for them, the feeling is priceless when you see them flourish. It is probably nature’s way of saying, ‘thank you for taking care of us.’

And as I’m joyfully pushing to be a green thumb, God is also empowering me to pursue my good intention. On my own, I simply cannot make it. But with God I know I can do all things because He’s the one who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)


I am far from being a green thumb but God surrounded me with people who encourages me to carry on. I am thankful that my hubby is very supportive. I am thankful of friends who would give me a tip or two. I am thankful that God made all things wonderful. And most of all, I am thankful that with God all things are possible.



Hard. Heavy. Cold.

Whenever I clean our fridge, it takes me quite sometime before I could start the task. I don’t know why, but the thought of unloading everything from top to bottom is just overwhelming. Apart from that I also need to segregate items that need to be kept from items that need to be discarded.

However the challenging part is the thick ice that has built up overtime. This gross ice is extremely cold to touch, and way too hard as well as heavy to remove. I have to keep the door ajar for a while and place an electric fan in front of it so as to speed up the melting.

Ironically though, while waiting for the ice to soften I would work on the segregating part and as the momentum of cleaning builds up, I find it rather therapeutic – segregating the items, washing and organizing them. At times I would get too engross that I’d wonder why I didn’t do it soon enough. What was I thinking? In the end, it feels so fulfilling as I accomplished the task. It’s so rewarding to see a clean and organize fridge. (I would jokingly pat my back and say, ‘You did well, Irene. you did well.’)

On a similar note, like the fridge our life may need some cleaning. Our life could be filled with so much hurt or bitterness that could turn us cold. Or it would seem like carrying a heavy load when bitterness consumed us. As a result, we become cynical and hard to deal with.

And no matter how much effort we put to overcome them, we would only end up exhausted and drained but the hurt and bitterness would still be there. At times we may try to cover up those hurt by ignoring it or finding other diversion. But eventually the same hurt would catch up on us and pull us down deep in the pit.

We may call it human nature when oftentimes we try to face the battle our way. However if we learn to listen to the ‘still small voice’ of God, we would hear Him say, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ (Psalms 46:10) It is more than a reminder. It is an assurance that He is with us and He is in control.

In fact even His son, Jesus Christ assured us when He said, “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

Be that as it may, let us not get the wrong notion that when we lean on and trust God we would never experience hurt nor pain. In this broken world, we are bound to meet trials and difficulties that could lead to hurt and bitterness.

Nonetheless, Jesus has already overcame the world. While we may encounter hardships, difficulties and hurt God’s grace is sufficient that as we lean on Him and trust Him, He is more than willing to see us through hard times.

So go ahead, start ‘cleaning’ those hurt and bitterness that causes hardness, heaviness and coldness in your life; except this time lean on God, allow God to do the ‘cleaning’ and trust God to keep your life from being hard, heavy and cold.