Fateful Day. Faithful GOD.


It’s been a year and a week since that fateful day happened. 

In a blink of an eye. In a snap of a finger. Yes, anything can happen. A well planned event can turn into a mess. A sweet day into bitter.  A smooth ride into an unforeseen circumstance.

On a fair day at about 4pm, my hubby and I were driving back home.  Since it was one of those easy-breezy Thursday afternoon, Dave took extra time and was driving in a minimal speed (quite unusual, for him who is so used to fast pace).  We  were driving along a clear road for literally there was no other vehicle other than ours.  Then out of nowhere, I felt our vehicle was dragged to the right. Next thing I knew was a huge and thick metal hit the left side of our windshield.  That heavy metal was the tail-end of a 14-wheeler trailer truck. Right before my eyes, I saw the glass gradually cracked. I immediately looked at Dave and his respond was, ‘Baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it.’  I whispered a short prayer, ‘thank God, we’re fine.’ And I assured him, ‘Accident can happen anytime.’

It wasn’t until we got out of the car that I realized the extend of the damage and the worst part, one or both of us could have lost our lives.  Yet, through it all God has amazingly kept us safe in the palm of His hands.  We came out unscathed.  God even assured and comforted us through our churchmates Clifford and Yolly who responded immediately (help came in 30 minutes or less).  God showed His care for us as friends called instantaneously and asked if we’re fine. God even sent an unnamed angel disguised as a passerby who stood outside our vehicle, assured our safety and did not leave until the rescue unit as well as the traffic enforcer arrived.

In a blink of an eye I could have lost my partner.  Or in a snap of a finger, our daughter could have been an orphan.  Yet, God kept us safe in the palm of His hands and chose to save us. AMEN.



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