The Day I Met God’s Gift


It was a Sunday that I will never forget.  A Sunday that allowed me to rediscover God in a  guilt-striking way.  A Sunday that moved me to so much tears.  It was the Sunday I met God’s Gift.

May 1, 2016 was a first Sunday and a Communion Sunday as well, which I’m also tasked to serve the elements.   It was also the first day of my period.  Unlike most women I don’t usually get stomach cramps. But what I would usually get is this torturous migraine which oftentimes render me restless, nauseous and on some occassions I have a hard time focusing, severe pain that runs from my head down to my back.

During the first worship, my migraine was quite manageable. However during the second worship the migraine was beginning to get the worst of me – the pain started to get unbearable and I was getting nauseous.  It’s this time when I just wanted to stay home, go to bed and not a care in the world.

I also begun to be restless.  However for some reason my attention was drawn to a little boy wearing a cap and a surgical mask.  He seemed unmindful of the things around him. And he seemed to be having a good time.  I tried to veer away but my attention keeps going back to the little boy.

And so, after the benediction was sang I decided to approach his mom and ask about her son.  I learned that they are from out of town and the little boy is suffering from leukemia and undergoing chemotherapy.  His mother added that he was supposed to stay home since he just had a chemo session on that Friday prior.  However, the little boy insisted that he wanted to go to church.  His mom said he never wanted to miss Sunday school and Sunday worship.

To say I was stunned,  is an understatement.  Here I was more than ready to retreat with the onset of migraine.  And here’s a little boy who looks forward on every Sunday to worship and discover God, despite having leukemia and had just gone chemo session.

Before we parted ways, I offered a prayer for them especially for the child. As I was about to utter a prayer, I asked his name.  Lo and behold, his mom answered, ‘Gift. We named him Gift because he is God’s gift to us.’

As I prayed for Gift, I wasn’t able to stop my tears from streaming down. My tears rolled down because I felt how hard it must be for his mom to see her son suffer at a very tender age.  My tears rolled down because I was so deeply moved that a boy like Gift despite what he’s going through still looks forward in fellowshipping with and in worshipping God.  And yes my tears rolled down because God reminded me through Gift that when we are weary and burdened, God offers us rest when we come to Him.



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