The Ultimate “Go To” GUY


Last Friday, my daughter and I had an awesome bonding – cleaning and clearing our fridge of some holiday food/left-overs. And apart from the bonding, we also had a noteworthy reflection.

While cleaning we went a little extreme by unscrewing the vent and the fan, thinking of thoroughly cleaning the fridge. Although it was kinda tedious, we both enjoyed doing the task together. However the challenge (and the struggle) came when we tried to put back the vent and the fan. For the longest time, try as we might but to no avail. Initially, we hesitated to call my hubby for help. But then it seemed that there was no other way to solve it other than to ask. So we sent an ‘SOS’ to my hubby. Lo and behold what took us ages, only took a few minutes of my hubby’s time and skill. Voila! We now have a clean and much colder fridge.

Much like our relationship with God. More often, we tend to do things on our own. We tend to fix things on our own. But when things tend to be unmanageable, only then do we call upon the Lord. Only when things get out of control, do we remember to call and ask the Lord for help.

On the contrary, the Lord wants that we make Him our first and last option. Be it major or minor concern, He desires our total dependence on Him. He anticipates our prayer. God assures us in Isaiah 65:24, “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

So go ahead, face the challenges of 2017 with confidence that the Ultimate ‘Go To’ Guy who is GOD Himself is ever waiting and ever willing to take on the lead and to help you in anything and in everything; for as long as you make Him the only option.



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