Cappuccino Mondays  intends to provide venue for women (single, married, young or advance of age) to share their thoughts, express both their high and low moments or simply get an inspiration from a posted blog.

Why Cappuccino? Why Mondays?
As a cappuccino aficionado, I used to have my usual dry cappuccino on a daily basis. Not until I realized that such indulgence could be quite pricey or extravagant considering that not everyone has the luxury of time and money for such indulgence (regular cup would cost Php120 or $3). Now I look forward on having my dry capp at least once or twice a week.

Mondays are considered to be the most toxic day of the week. It’s the day when you would want to lounge around but can’t afford to do it. Still, you wish there could be a short break from the daily grind and be able to reflect, ponder and be refreshed.

Voila’, Cappuccino Mondays. Whenever you need a break to share your thoughts or when you simply need a dose of inspiration, this is the blog for you.



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