Fleas? Lice? Thank You, Lord

What are you thankful for?  Are you thankful for acquiring a new car? A house and lot?  A lucrative career? Or even a new pet?

How about the challenges that come your way?  The hurt and pain?  The sickness? Or a loved-one with whom you may be constantly at opposite poles with? Are you thankful for these as well?

And how about waking up to a new day?  To see morning sky?  To smell the sweet scent of the flowers? Or to hear the raindrops?  Are you also thankful for them?

More than seventy years have passed when an appalling yet true story happened.  A true story about two sisters together with their prison mates who praised and thanked God for sending fleas and lice to their quarters.  In her book, The Hiding Place, the writer recounted that due to the extreme unhygienic living conditions, fleas and lice infested their quarters, most of them developed skin hives from the bites inflicted by these fleas and lice.  Most of them may have questioned if God had been with them during this ordeal but it never stopped them from worshipping – praising and thanking God in all circumstances.



Some quarters were heavily guarded.  Still, prisoners from other quarters were tortured, while hundreds of other prisoners succumbed to gas chamber.  And so the prisoners from this fleas and lice infested quarters waited for their time to come. It was then they realized they were spared from torture or gas chamber because the Nazis were appalled to go inside their quarters due to the fleas and lice.

Although her sister Betsie did not make it, Corrie Ten Boom lived to tell about the horrors of holocaust. She also related how God has been faithful in the midst of their horrific experience. Indeed, they may have suffered, yet God gave them the spirit of endurance. Corrie Ten Boom may have gone through five years of living hell, however, God had blessed her remaining 38 years with provision, comfort, peace, assurance and love.

Not so long, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day.  Have we reflected on how God has been faithful to us, not just on the big things but even on the minute details?  More than the good things, have we also been thankful to God for allowing us to endure any struggle or trial that comes our way?

Finally here’s a thought, would you want to live a blessed life filled with God’s assurance and love?  If so, let your mantra be, ‘In anything and in everything, I will praise and thank you Lord.’