Playing God, Are We?

GodDisposesIt was a Sunday God has spoke to me in His usual stil small yet compelling voice.  And of all Sundays, it was on the Men’s Sunday in our church.

It was Wednesday night and together with a pastor friend we conceptualized a theme and a creative worship for the coming Men’s Sunday.  As we prayed, we were directed to 2 Corinthians 5:10 which says, “For we must all stand before Christ to be judged and have our lives laid bare—before him.  Each of us will receive whatever he deserves for the good or bad things he has done in his earthly body.”  Viola’,  the theme would be ‘Judgment Day’.  And so, I was to write the script while my pastor friend shall direct the short play. 

An emotionally gripping two-act play that would conclude with an altar call; that was what we envisioned, prepared, rehearsed and prayed for.  To say that we were all excited was an understatement.  We were all fired up!  More than looking forward for the congregation to be moved, we were expecting a throng of souls to respond to the altar call and be saved.

We were so confident that everything would turn out the way we envisioned.  We were so confident believing that our intention was sincere and pure, God would put everything in place.  Or so we thought.

Indeed, we were able to pull-off the short play with flying colors.  Thanks to God’s empowerment allowing every character to remember his line.  Thanks to the Holy Spirit for stirring the congregation.

As for the altar call?  Well, there were a few souls who responded and a few more souls who raised their hands.  We were baffled and a bit frustrated with the numbers.  Where are the throngs of souls whom we have prayed for?  Someone commented that the hearts of these men must have been too hardened to respond.  While my pastor friend said, he felt sorry for those who had reservations to respond.  I even commented that the enemy may have gotten a stronghold which kept them from responding.  And the comments were endless.

But something does not add up.  That night when I got home, I was restless and I seem can’t figure out why it bothered me so much about the altar call thing.  It was then that the compelling voice of God spoke to me , ‘are you playing god?’  How can we be playing god when we were just doing what God has directed us to do.

‘Are you playing god?’  This has been a constant nag in my thoughts.  Until one night God has revealed to me Numbers 20:1-13.  The scripture tells of God’s instruction to Moses to speak to the rock so that water would come out.  But instead, Moses struck the rock and this displeases God.  Boom! There goes the answer.

Each of us in life has a purpose which God has set.  And whether we believe it or not, God is so specific in His instruction.  Yes, He wants us to become a blessing to others.  He desires for us to share His word and win souls.  However, He also requires from us to have an obedient heart which listens and follows to His leading.  Our role is only to follow as God instructs.  The outcome will be God’s role.

I know understand why it happened and what happened on that fateful Men’s Sunday.  Our role was to prepare, to pull off that short play and deliver God’s message on Judgment Day.  As for the altar call?  It was not our role to move souls but it was God’s.  If there were only a few who responded on that day, probably God has set other believers to share His gospel to other souls.


Forgive me for playing God at times.  Forgive me Lord that even though my intentions are good, yet I may have disobeyed you. I humbly ask for a submissive and discerning heart to listen and follow your prompting.  Thank you dear Lord for the constant prodding which reminds me to assess my heart every so often.